Premium Universal Brushcutter DS 2400S or DS 2400T

Tools for professionals but dedicated to all users. The new DS 2400 range of brushcutters constitutes a turnaround for the market by introducing new quality standards that will be hard to relinquish once experienced. Both in terms of performance and user comfort. Models designed for the most demanding home users and for maintenance professionals responsible for the upkeep of difficult green areas. Thanks to a power-weight ratio that is unequalled in the category, plus ultra-compact dimensions, models DS 2400 offer a perfect combination of power and manoeuvrability.

Product Information

•21.7 cm³ 1.2 HP (0.9 kW) 2-stroke engine: featuring generous torque output with a linear power curve even at low revs.
Piston with 2 rings, diecast cylinder with nickel plating, forged con rod and crankshaft: guaranteeing an extremely rugged and durable engine.
Digital coil with electronic control and revs limiter: for easier starting, improved performance thanks to consistently uniform combustion and reduced fuel consumption.
•Graphic representation of starting operations: facilitates engine starting even for less expert users.
•”Primer” visible on engine cover: easier access and operation.
•Choke lever integral with half-throttle setting: fast and easy starting.
•Innovative 130 mm dia. Load&Go head with 2.4 mm diameter. line: for straightforward and quick line replacement: just 20 seconds to rewind the line and resume work.
•Built-in anti-vibration system: greatly reduces the level of vibration experienced by the operator during use of the tool.
•150 mm shaft arm: the operator is always able to maintain an erect posture.
Available in DS 2400 S (Loop Handle) & DS 2400 T (Cow Horn Handles)
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