Stark 3800 S & Stark 3800 T Brushcutters

Stark Brushcutters are designed to deliver high efficiency and constant quality over time, even in the face of non-stop use and hostile work environments. The robust technological solutions adopted guarantee consistently high quality.

  • Piston which ensures undiminished, high-quality performance over time.
  • Generously proportioned flywheel for more effective engine cooling, even in high temperatures.
  • Aluminium recoil housing, able to withstand the hardest stresses during intensive use.
  • Aluminium tube and 7 mm steel drive shaft: combination guaranteeing maximum power transmission and minimal vibration.
  • Felt filter ensures optimum engine protection, even in dust-laden environments.
  • 28mm Aluminium Tube Diameter.
  • 1.8 Horse Power.
  • Felt filter provides optimum engine protection, even in dust-laden environments.
  • Self lubricating bearings on transmission shaft to keep vibrations to an absolute minimum.
  • Built in Anti-Vibration system which greatly reduces the level of vibration experienced by the operator during use.
  • Weight 6.8kg (stark 3800 s) & 7.3kg (stark 3800 T)
  • Available with either a single grip handle bar or a cow horn handle bar.

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