Professional Petrol Engine Chainsaw MT6500

Professional chainsaws are powerful machines built for felling, cutting and sectioning large trees. All the professional models are fitted with a variable advanced digital coil with rpm limiter: the result is a smooth running engine and improved cooling, even in difficult weather conditions. The handle and fuel tank are separate from the body of the machine, to reduce the fuel/oil mixture temperature and minimise the transmission of vibration. The aluminium oil pump is automatic and adjustable, so that the flow rate can be adapted in accordance with the task to be performed, thus avoiding wastage.

Product Information
  • 4.7 Horse Power
  • 2 Stroke Engine
  • Anti-vibration System
  • 3/8″ x .050″ Chain (Pitch x Gauge)
  • 51cm (20″) Bar Length
  • On-Off Switch & Choke Incorporated In A Single Multi-Function Lever
  • Weight 6.3kg

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