Product Information

  • Flexible Cutting System – Mulch, Collection & Side Discharge.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission.
  • Extremely Small Turning Radius.
  • Can Be Stored Vertically to Save On Winter Storage Space.
  • Easy Access For Servicing Work – By Removing The Seat & 1 Securing Bolt The Main Plastics Can Be Removed.
Displacement 344 cm³
Engine make/model B&S Powerbuilt AVS series
Cutting width 72 cm/28 Inches
Propulsion hydrostatic
Speed (km/h) from 0 to 8.6 km/h in forward drive – from 0 to 3.2 km/h in reverse
Turning radius 45 cm
Bag capacity 180 L
Overall dimensions 198x73x110 cm
Weight 192 Kg

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