Product Information

Fleming Agri-Products have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years which has resulted in a wealth of technical experience in the field.

The Fleming Tandem Lead Roller was designed for farmers or large land owners as it has the ability to roll a large area of land at once. It is a cost effective piece of machinery with the benefits of rolling a high acreage of land which results in a high level of performance.

The Fleming Tandem Lead Roller can also be used alongside an existing on-farm roller.

  • Can roll up to 31 acres per hour
  • Tandem lead roller can be used with existing on farm roller
  • Lead roller can be set for use with either 2.5m or 3m following roller
  • Lead roller drawing arm can be folded for drawing rollers in-line for easy field access
  • Easy change from transport to working position. (no heavy lifting)
Rolling Width                                    3m + existing roller
Overall Width                                    3.34m
Drum Diameter                                740mm
Drum Thickness                              10mm
Pick Up Ring                                      Yes
Three P.L                                             No
Centre Shaft                                      75mm
Grease Points                                    Yes
Unladen Weight                               1170kgs + existing roller
Laden Weight                                   4450kgs + existing roller
Scraper Blade                                    Standard
Wheel Kit                                            N/A
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