Product Information

Ideal general purpose trailer with a large capacity of 8000kg Reinforced half sides for easy fitting

All 4 side of the trailer are removable

High tip for clean unloading

Hydraulic brakes & lights and reflective triangles as standard. Lights fitted in protective channel

H D 180mm structural chassis with 12.5/80 – 15.3 tyres as standard on 6 stud axles Tandem H.D parabolic

spring suspension for smooth working operation

Spring suspension creates less stress on the trailer structure resulting in longer maintenance free operation

Slim-line reinforced draw-bar with galvanised parking shoe, hose and cable stand as standard

Handbrake as standard

Optional Grain sides

Optional bale extension.

4m x 2.15 x 0.56m (13ft x 7ft x 22”)

Optional oversize tyres 400/16/15.5 also available

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